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Month: December 2021

Ground Breaking For Public Service Clinic

The plan to have a clinic for Public Servants in NCD looks set to be realised as meetings towards a ground breaking ceremony for the clinic continues.

Executive Manager PS & Institutional Housing Mrs Nancy Levi who is leading the team from the Central Government Office and a planning team made of representatives from various stakeholders met to plan for the ground breaking ceremony which is tentatively set for early next year.

During a meeting with Dr Goa Tau of National Department of Health, the team recommended for 28th of January 2022 to be the tentative date for the ground breaking ceremony.

This was due mainly because the year is drawing towards the shutdown period and it would be only fair to have the ground breaking for this very important intervention done at the beginning of next year.

Dr Tau said, the clinic would do good for Public Servants as they can be attended to at a clinic for Public Servants. “We will need to draw general guidelines for the clinic”.

Dr Tau said, there are many factors that makes the clinic an important asset for Public Servants in NCD. Mrs Levi also provided a brief from the Planning team outlining the need to have the ground breaking done virtually given the covid-19 situation.

It was raised that the need for a structure for the staff who will run the clinic is also critical and Mrs Levi has taken note of it to raise with DPM. Dr Tau will be taking an Information Paper to the NDOH Executives to brief them on the latest on the clinic.

He said, the functionality of the clinic is critical to determine the kind of facilities that the Clinic will require.

An NDOH Technical Officer informed the meeting that the submission on equipment listing was completed and that they will be submitting it to the NDOH Executive for funding.

DPM Assists RPNGC Retirees Sign DORS

DPM officers were on hand to assist Police Officer retirees at the Boroko Police station who gathered to sign their Deeds of Release.

The officers were part of the 456 retirees from the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary who have been identified to be retired as part of the governments retirement exercise for this year.

 In his opening remarks the MC for the signing ceremony Chief Inspector Paul Unupite was emotional when addressing the retirees. He encouraged them to get their payouts and enjoy it with their families.

During a session to have the retirees sign their Deeds of Release which is the legal document that entitles them to receive their pay out.

The DPM team led by Director National Agencies Ms Roselyn Wrakuavia in addressing the retirees said, DPM was happy to work with the RPNGC to calculate their retiree’s payout.

“On behalf of the Public Service Minister and Secretary Ms Taies Sansan, I take this opportunity to thank RPNGC staff for the commitment of the HR staff to complete the retirement exercise for the retirees”.

Ms Wrakuavia said, the retirement exercise for the RPNGC officers has been successful because of the commitment by the RPNGC HR staff. For RPNGC a big number of retirees have been retired last year and this year. This she said is due to the hardwork put in by the RPNGC HR team.

Ms Wrakuavia and her team provided the retirees an opportunity to see how the calculations were done.

They took the retirees through the calculations done by the DPM team and allowed them to ask questions to seek clarification.

Ms Wrakuavia told the retirees that the Deed of Release is the most important document. “Once the DOR reaches DPM and Department of Treasury, they will do the list and pass it on to Nambawan Super as the state share.

Our officers will run you through and if you have queries do let us know. Ms Wrakuavia also explained to the retirees that the retirement payout was reviewed and this time around it will no longer be paid in cheques but direct through their bank accounts.

Also present at the signing was the Police Association President Lowa Tambua. Mr Tambua who addressed the retirees expressed gratitude towards DPM staff for the work they have done behind the scenes to do the calculations for the retirees.

Mr Tambua who spoke to the retirees about a number of issues also used the occasion to thank the government for making available funding to payout retirees. He was thankful to DPM for taking time to meet with the retirees and explain to them about their calculations unlike in the past when payouts are done to retirees without any explanation.

Selection Process For NGI

By Journalism student Esther Gahane

Officers from the New Guinea Islands met with the Director for New Guinea Islands Ms. Rhymbi Kokiva for the selection signing of 41 positions and Deeds of Releases (DOR) for a number of retirees.

The signing was held at DPM’s conference room on the 26th of November. Director New Guinea Islands

Ms. Kokiva said, DPM had  taken the chairmanship of all the selections for the Public Service so in this case Buka hospital has come in for their selection which was for the non-contract positions which was chaired by Mrs. Kokiva.

She confirmed that there were 17 DOR’s signed by 17 retiring officers from the Buka hospitals, so that will leave a gap and it’s going to be a big challenge to the CEO and his team knowing that the core business of the hospitals is prison  care. 

“So far Buka has done so well coming in with 17 signed DOR’s and at the same time completed 41 positions that have remained outstanding since 2019. So it’s a big achievement for the hospitals so far

“She said. The Acting Chief Executive Officer for NGI Buka Hospital Dr. Tommy Wotsia on behalf of the Executive management of Buka General hospital said, they were quite pleased that they have gone through the process with the assistance, guidance and leadership from DPM especially NGI Directory team and the leadership of Mrs. Kokiva.

There are few things we still need to go through  and hopefully we keep them off the ground.” Wotsia added

20 Days Of Activism

By Journalism student Matilda Ginio

Senior Coordination and Mainstream Officer from the Department of Personnel Management (DPM) was doing the Gender Equity and Social Inclusion (GESI) Policy made a presentation on 25th of November at the Magisterial Service in Down Town, Port Moresby.

The presentation was organized by the Magisterial Service to apply the GESI policy on the rights of Activism Campaign and advocating for the Elimination of Violence Against Women in Papua New Guinea.

GESI Senior Coordination and Mainstream Officer, Mr. Amugl Mondo said, the day marks the 20 days’ activism against gender-based violence (White Ribbon Day) that runs from 20th November to 10th December.

The premise of the day is to raise awareness of the fact that women around the world are subject to rape domestic violence and other forms of violence.

Mr. Mondo said, the policy emphasize more on promoting fairness and inclusive practices and giving everyone the opportunity to participate fully in all area of development, also given that opportunity for women to be in decision making roles and positions based on merit.

He added that, the lead agency in the public service to coordinate the Public Service Male Advocacy (PS MAN) which comprised of professional male public service officers who were sensitized and undergone relevant trainings to become certified members of the network. 

Mr. Mondo also added, that since the outbreak of COVID- 19, emerging data and reports from those on the frontlines, have shown that all types of VAWG, particularly domestic has intensified.

“This is the Shadow Pandemic growing amidst the COVID- 19 crisis. As COVID-19 cases continue to strain health service, essential services, violence cases have sky rocketed, said Mondo.

“More needs to be done as a government, as a department or agency and as public servants to prioritize addressing violence against women. Everyone has a role to play and together we can put an end to all forms of violence happing to our women and girls”.

Student Trainees Undertake Internship


By Journalism student Esther Gahane

Thirteen students from the University of Papua New Guinea are currently undertaking their internship at the Department of Personnel Management . 

11 Students from the Human Resource Strand are attached under different branches in the Department while two female student from the Journalism and Public Relations Strand attached to the Public Service Information Centre (PSIC).

A third year HR student Fenny Pupo said, that working with DPM for the past four weeks as a trainee has helped him to understand how DPM functions as the department responsible for HR issues.

One of the processes that interests him the most is the formalities and official conduct in public offices and the relationship agencies.

“The staff are so friendly and helpful throughout the past training period and I learnt a lot from their shared experiences that add value to my knowledge in public service which I see myself as one of them serving the public as a trainee,” he said. 

Ivatius Igara who is also a third year student attached under Strategic Policy Development Division said that the internship  has helped him understand the process of policy reviews and how that then gets to be amended and made into an act or included provisions.

“I’ve come to understand that conducting surveys and writing up reports that takes into consideration other underlying laws that dictates the existence of that policy and also considering changes and the current status”. Christine Lewi, also a third year female student expressed similar sentiments.

“It is very interesting here, we learn how to put into practice the theory knowledge that we learnt in University.  It’s a nice experience of actually doing recruitment and selection, interviews, doing contracts for seniors and junior officers and approval of job advertisements.”

This week is the end of the 4th week for the HR students which they have another four more weeks to go whereas for the two JPR students they have 13 weeks to go.

This internship is part of the courses that they are studying at UPNG therefore after completion of the internship the third years will return for 2022 academic year while the two final year students will be eligible to graduate.

DPM To Commence Clock-In System

Department of Personnel Management is preparing to commence the use of an online system for its staff to clock-in and clock-out during official working hours.

This is to conform to the Public Service official working hours. On the 19th of May this year a Circular Instruction (CI14/21) was issued to all line agencies on Time Keeping and Attendance in efforts to enforce Special General Order 11 of 2019.

The circular instruction contended that Time Keeping is the cause of lack of client attention and poor service delivery in many agencies.

Secretary Ms Taies Sansan said, the Circular Instruction enforcing SGO11 is clear and requires the cooperation of all agency heads to fully enforce the clock in system.

“DPM will be monitoring payrolls and compiling audit reports from time to time in order for the Minister to inform NEC on compliance by individual agencies”.

Ms Sansan said, the measure taken by DPM is to ensure that DPM enforces SGO11 .

As part of conforming to the Circular Instruction, DPM is pushing ahead with the implementation of a system that will see its staff clock in and out whilst at work.

In efforts to prepare staff to use the system a virtual session was conducted by the Management Information System team to run staff through the use of the system.

The virtual session provided a brief of how the system works and its practical use. The MIS team are now going around to all staff to configure their computers to  commence the use of the system.

Most staff at the 3rd and 4th floor now has their computers configured. Acting Executive Manager MIS Mr Sam Lalui said, his staff are now doing that with the aim of getting all staff to commence using the system immediately.